What is Meerkat Browser?

Meerkat Browser is a browser that could bypass blocked sites.

Why we need website bypass service?

Internet protocol has a critical security issue. Government, Internet Service Provider, or even anybody between you and the destination could spoof and modify your packet. To fix this issue, the technology such as HTTPS and DoH have been suggested, but not yet implement completely. Meerkat Browser want to be a bridge for a safe and correct internet world.

What is the difference between Meerkat Browser and other bypass service?

Bypass services such as VPN or proxy is inherently slow and have security vulnerability, because it needs a bridge or a server(they might spoof your data!). Meerkat Browser is fast and safe, because it’s all process operates at the browser level.

How Meerkat Browser work?

Meerkat Browser is chromium based browser, just like MS edge, Naver whale, and brave. It provides following bypass features:

  1. DNS over HTTPS(bypass DNS Pollution)
  2. bypass SNI blocking(bypass HTTPS blocking)
  3. bypass HTTP blocking